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61805 - Differential and Integral Calculus 2 (2015/2016) Stampa

Course syllabus

Improper integrals Locally integrable functions in an interval. Improper integrals of first and second type. Convergence criteria, comparison test, absolute convergence.Series  Numerical series.  Series with non negative terms.   Cconvergence criteria. Alternating series. Absolute convergence.Power series Taylor series. Power series.Interval of convergence. Derivation and integration of a power series.Vector valued functions Limits. Continuity. Curves and parametric representation. 
Multivalued functions
Level sets. Graphical representation. Limits. Limit along  a direction. Continuity. Weiestrass theorem and Mean-Value theorem.
Differential calculus
Taylor's formula. Hessian matrix. Relative maximum and minimum: necessary and sufficient conditions. Absolute maximum, absolute minimum. Stationary points.   Constraints extrema.
Multiple integrals
Double and triple integrals. Reduction formulas. Change of variables.  Applications.




Paola Brianzi

Other teachers

Vincenza Del Prete

Teaching style

In presence

Lesson timetable

Monday: 11:00 - 13:00, room 710
Thursday: 11:00 - 13:00, room 710
Friday: 9:00 - 11:00, room 710



Course hour allocation

This course consists of 72 hours of lectures, including 24 hours of exercises.


Average Marking Number of Exams Year