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Erasmus programme

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To facilitate mobility of undergraduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral students, every year our Faculty stipulates bilateral agreements with several important Universities all around Europe. The agreements are stipulated in accord with the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and specific programs like Erasmus and Extra LLP.

Our Course of Study actively participates to exchange programs in the area of Computer Science (codice ERA 11.3, codice ISED 481).

Instructions, on-line application forms and important deadlines are available in the Incoming Foreign Students web page of our University.

Students are accepted according to the rules decided by E.U. for the Erasmus/Extra LLP programmes.
Students can complete the online Erasmus Application Form only if

  • There is a valid Erasmus bilateral agreement between their home Institutions and University of Genoa including the area of study indicated in the Application Form.
  • They have already been officially nominated by their home Institution to spend their Erasmus period at the University of Genoa.

An updated list of currently active Erasmus bilateral agreements and partners (that includes all agreement for the area of Computer Science with code 11.3) is available in the Student Mobility home page.  An updated list of currently active Extra LLP agreements is available in Italian on the website of the University: http://www.studenti.unige.it/areaint/studiareestero/accordi

If the number of students applying for a place exceeds the number of places available in the signed Erasmus Bilateral Agreement/Extra LLP agreement, applications will be processed and accepted according to their chronological order of online confirmation and of receipt by University of Genoa's International Office of all necessary endorsed documents by surface mail.

Students in excess will be informed by email and invited to contact their home university in order to solve problem.