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Practical information

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SASSWe list below some useful information for incoming foreign students.
  • How to apply to our Course of Study
    Information for prospective students are available in the Orientamento and in the International Students web page  of the Universita' of Genova.
    Instructions for Erasmus students are given in the separate section Erasmus programme (see also menu on the left).

  • How to find an accomodation
    Our University provides a free of charge Welcome and Accomodation Service (SASS) for incoming foreign students (including Erasmus, guest, and PhD students ).
  • How to learn Italian
    Our University provides free of charge Italian language courses for foreign students. Detailed information are given in the International Students web page of the Universita' of Genova.
  • How not to get lost in Genova...
    On their arrival in Genoa, foreign students may find their first accommodation at the Ostelllo della Gioventù di Genova (Genoa Youth Hostel). The first four nights are free of charge.  Thanks to the cooperation of the student Association Gruppo Erasmus Genova (GEG), a pick-up service is available for foreign students: upon request, students are welcomed at Genoa airport or railway station by Italian students who take them to their residence or to the University offices. Geg organizes also trips, excursions and events for a better integration in social life.  More information are given in the International Students web page of the Universita' of Genova.